Norwalk Catholic School promotes academic excellence in all areas of instruction. Our goal is to provide a curriculum which offers challenging programs in an atmosphere that models our Catholic tradition and gospel values, while supporting and enhancing the development (mind, body and soul) of each child entrusted to us. It is the belief of our school that each child is a sacred gift from God and has been gifted with specific talents. It is the responsibility of our school to cultivate these God given talents to help each child grow in the responsible use of these gifts to serve their family, community and to transform the world for good.

The Norwalk Catholic Elementary teachers have received professional development on the new Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as the revised state standards for Science and Social Studies. They are continually updated on expectations for students as we prepare them for junior high and high school, knowing they will be responsible to pass the end of course assessments developed by the State of Ohio.

Additionally, our teachers are expected to infuse their daily lessons with seven Catholic Identity Standards which represent particular qualities desired of our Catholic school graduates.

  1. A devout disciple of Christ formed in the Catholic faith, lives a devout spiritual life, gives witness to Christ by word and deed, and strives to build up Catholic culture whenever possible.
  2. A critical thinker who makes reasonable decisions using informed Catholic moral conscience, capable of discerning and promoting that which is good in modern media and popular culture, while creatively countering that which is not.
  3. An effective communicator who speaks and writes with clarity and listens with compassion, responding critically in light of Gospel values.
  4. A self directed, life long learner who possesses a love of learning and desire for truth; and who develops and utilizes one’s God given potential.
  5. A collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity and vocation in work; and who respects the human rights of all as defined by God’s Commandments and Church teaching, while contributing to the common good.
  6. A loving family member who attends to family, parish, school and the wider community.
  7. An informed, discerning and engaged participant in American civic life and culture.