1. Themed days like Flyers Day or Hat Day
  2. Seasonal parties like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day
  3. Fire safety and dental health presentations
  4. Small acts of kindness for local charities & families, the Holy Childhood Association mission
  5. Collect food for St. Mary Parish food bank
  6. Collect toys during Christmas for Toys for Tots
  1. May have special events for each letter they are learning, like Beach day for B
  2. Events on the 50th day of school and on Mother's Day/Father's Day
  3. End of the year preschool picnic
  4. Travel and learn more about the community
  5. May travel to the apple orchard, the fire station, the pizza shop, the bowling ally, the grocery store, or the retirement home
  6. Christmas Program
  1. Attend weekly mass at St. Mary's Church
  2. A huge banquet to celebrate Thanksgiving
  3. Celebrations on the 100th day of school including fun counting activities and a trip to a farm to learn about animal habitats
  4. They can watch chickens incubate and hatch in the classroom
  5. The year culminates with a very special event, Kindergarten graduation