During these challenging times please take a moment to pray for our community members Affected by this Pandemic.

-SPH Alumni affected by the pandemic-
-Msgr. Morman--Fr. Mariadas-
-Norwalk Catholic School, St. Paul High School and Junior High Families--Fr. Wellman--Mr. Linder-
-Our Friends, Family & Alumni isolated in Nursing Homes-
- Angelina Stoll, RN
Brie Moffit, Respiratory Therapist
Cindy Griffin, health care worker -
John & Marie Ruffing
-Cathy (Leitz) Conant class of 1975-- For the unemployed and families struggling to provide basic necessities -
-Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Englert and Mr. Conley-
- Larry Cloud and family -
- Carol Corrigan -- Our Flyer Family all over the country facing the challenges of COVID 19 -
- Marina Abel -- Aidan Fisher, Firefighters - first responders -
- All our teachers -
- My mother and father who are high risk mother with 60% of one kidney and father currently with cancer - .- Support staff in hospitals---speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, housekeepers, respiratory therapists, social workers, and radiology technicians. -- Sidia Hernandez, Noellie Hernandez,Family Hernandez, Family Dominguez, Family Garcia -

- Tiina Ruffing -- For Long-time friend of SPH, Harold Zimmermann -- All expectant mothers, especially Kate Bogner -
- Stephanie Frazee and Family-- Elena Monigold and Linda Waner -
- For all those with cystic fibrosis during this pandemic. -
- Everyone - - Safety of people around the world -- End of Virus -
- Young people to experience personal relationships with Jesus! and Keep Faith! -- Mary Ann Landoll-Schild & Family -- Clarence & Judith Smith -
- Sister Joyce Moor - Englert -- Barbara Smith and her Deceased husband John -- Brett Krupp - Wedding in July - 
- Mary & Lillian Carter -- Ambrose Obrien -- A family member in need of God's healing grace -
- Two very special people in my life with serious health issues and in FTMC -- ALL my family and friends (near and far), ALL my co workers in the health field during this time, and the ENTIRE world-- Aunt Pam and her family -
- Anne Harbert and family - - Tom snd Cindy McLaughlin Family -- Harold Ehrman in the loss of his wife Liz -
- My whole entire family -- For all of our parish communities especially St. Paul, St. Mary, and St. Anthony. -- Fr. Andrew as he prepares for his transition from St. Paul to St. Patrick's. Please give him strength and hope. -
- Small business owners - - Victor Blanco -
- David Caprara -- Betty Smith's Sister -- Carol Stieber -
- For all local Catholic Parishes -- John Lapinski -- For everyone effected by the pandemic in New York City. -
- My Mom who is an Occupational Therapist. -- Garret Cook -