2020 Calendar Raffle 

September 9, 2020

Hello to All NCS Families and Friends,

Last week was a wonderful week with the start of school! It was truly great to see all of the kids back in our buildings, to hear their feet on the hallways and their voices in the classrooms.

As we try to pick up some of the pieces from school ending so abruptly in March, one of those pieces is the PTO Calendar Raffle. As some of you may remember, this is our annual PTO fundraiser. It started last March when we had begun selling calendar raffle tickets ($10 per raffle entry). Many of you were supporting this raffle, and we truly appreciate your support! Due to that great support the DRAWING must go on!! We do have all of the raffle tickets that had been turned in prior to school shut down. We are asking you to TURN IN YOUR CALENDAR RAFFLE TICKETS no later than September 25th. I have heard from many families that they still have them at home. If you have tickets, please turn them into the elementary or ECC office.

We will be holding the daily drawing for the Calendar Raffle in October.


If you would like to purchase more Calendar Raffle tickets, that would be great. A copy of the calendar will be coming home with each student and it will be posted on the school website and Facebook page.


Thank you for your patience and continued support!

PTO Leadership Team

Click Here For A Printable Version Of The Calendar