The cost to use Flyer Clubhouse for one child is $4.00 per hour. You are charged only for the time you use Clubhouse, with a 15-minute minimum daily charge to cover our costs for snack, staffing and billing. If your child is in childcare 6 hours or more for the day, a daily maximum of $23.00 is charged. A discounted rate is available for families with more than one child attending the Clubhouse (see “Family Discount” below). You will be charged $1.00 per minute per child if your child remains in the building past closing time (6:00 pm). If you send your child on a day that he/she is not scheduled, a $5 drop-in fee will be charged (we are not permitted to take an unscheduled child if adding him/her would force us out of compliance with State childcare supervision ratios). You may ask the Director to waive the drop-in fee for an emergency or other extenuating circumstances. Finally, if you register your child for care on an in-service day and you do not send your child without calling to let us know, a $10.00 fee will be charged (because we scheduled staff to cover the number of students signed up to attend).

A Family Discount is available. For 2 siblings attending, the hourly fee is $3.45 per child per hour or $20.00 per child per day if children are in attendance for 6 or more hours. For 3 siblings, the hourly fee is $3.05 per child per hour or $17.50 per child per day if in attendance over 6 hours; for 4 or more siblings attending the Clubhouse, the fee is $2.70 per child per hour or $15.50 per child per day if in attendance over 6 hours. A discounted daily minimum is charged for 2 or more children. The same late pick-up fee, drop-in fee and no-show (teacher in-service days only) fee apply.


Bills are sent out weekly on Wednesdays (Thursdays for 2-day Pre3). Please check your child’s book bag or the mail for your bill. Payment is due by the following Friday. Please make payments by placing your check in the payment box hanging on the wall outside the Flyer Clubhouse preschool room or by taking payment to the Business Office or School Office. You may schedule a one-time payment or recurring payments with your credit card through the Business Office. The credit card authorization form must be completed to authorize payment(s). Applicable credit card fees will apply. If your account has an outstanding balance of two weeks and payment arrangements have not been made with the NCS Business Manager, your child will be temporarily excluded from the Clubhouse until payment is made in full. There are no exceptions to this rule. The Business Manager can be reached at 419.668.3005.