“Parents are the first educators of their children.”

This phrase is used often in Catholic schools to underline the partnership that exists between families and school. Our education at Norwalk Catholic School is an extension of parental education; we work in concert.

When families choose Norwalk Catholic School they are choosing a partner in teaching their child, an education centered on the Gospel values and a team of educators focused on academic excellence. The collaboration between home and school has a common thread of providing a truly well-rounded education focused on academics, social-emotional needs and spirituality. Being able to provide an education in which Christ is known, loved and served allows our school and families to have a deep connection.

Parental involvement is key to this educational partnership. A review of the evidence sheds light as to what type of parental involvement has the greatest impact on students:
• Setting expectations through conversation with your child and sharing parental aspirations for your child
• Listening to your child share about what they are learning and asking specific, open-ended follow-up questions
The tenets of parental involvement are true no matter what school you choose for your family. Being involved with your child’s education is a blessing and a necessity for your child’s future.

We at Norwalk Catholic School are honored that our families make the choice to partner with us to educate their child. We strive to grow and improve every day to meet the needs of all our students. The collaboration with school and family is paramount to helping our students grow into a graduate that is faith-filled, with a strong background that has prepared them to take on life’s challenges.