A strength for our city is the education students receive at both Norwalk Catholic School and Norwalk City Schools. Our city is blessed with two quality schools to serve the needs of our families.

We at Norwalk Catholic School strive to provide an excellent education with the Catholic faith as our guiding light. Both school systems work together for the common good of the youth of our community. The most recent example of this ongoing collaboration is the improvements being made at the Warren C. Whitney Complex/Contractors Stadium (the former Whitney Field) that will benefit all children of Norwalk. Even beyond this once-in-a-generation project, our schools communicate regularly and openly in support of students. We share opportunities with student assemblies, staff professional development and administrative collaboration, to name a few examples.

This working relationship between schools serves as a model to our students and the community. As our schools' cooperative efforts grow and improve, the city of Norwalk grows and improves. Quality school systems are at the heart of economic development, the heart of a quality workforce and at the heart of engaged citizens. The future of education in Norwalk is bright so in turn the future of Norwalk is bright.

The Catholic church is the largest educational institution in the world. The church has been operating schools for hundreds of years and has a long history of providing high quality education. Norwalk Catholic and St. Paul High schools now are enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. Families who are interested in learning more about our school and mission can call the school or go online, and select “Become a Flyer."

Thank you to all who support Norwalk Catholic School and Norwalk City Schools. Until next time … go Truckers and go Flyers.