The Future Makers at Ehove is an awesome event where representatives come in from local businesses and teach students about future manufacturing job opportunities. At this event, students have the opportunity to visit different stations. Many of these stations provide hands-on activities for the students to experiment with and test out.
I personally really enjoyed the Future Makers manufacturing day. I was able to visit multiple booths including the Tsubaki booth and the Erie County Home Builders Association booth. At the Tsubaki booth, I was given the opportunity to assemble a length of chain with the help of classmates. We learned about using weight to calculate the approximate number of parts in a bin, and how to quality check a product. At the Erie County Home Builders Association booth, I was able to use a software called ZSpace that used motion tracking cameras to give an experience similar to virtual reality. Using this software, I was able to look at the framework of a structure in 3D and figure out what would be necessary to build it.