Flyer Families,

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we have begun this school year. We are continually evaluating ways to keep students safe and to improve our school. To that end I am excited to announce,Norwalk Catholic School (NCS) is updating our school lunch menu to  include more traditional school lunches beginning on September 14th . We have used the beginning of school to solidify our safe distribution of lunches to various locations and we feel confident we can now offer lunches more similar to what our families have come to expect. 

There will continue to be no ala carte (extra) offerings or Option B choices at this time (other than milk for those packing). An additional, and equally exciting announcement is now NCS is offering free lunches to all enrolled students beginning immediately. We are able to offer this service due to COVID-19 supports the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have put into place for schools. Currently, free lunches will be offered until the end of December. The program will continue as long as program funding is available.

It is important to note since this program will expire in December of 2020, effective January 1 st 2021 student eligibility status of record (free, reduced or full pay) will be used going forward. If you have qualified previously for free or reduced status or feel that your situation may qualify you for the program, please make sure the free and reduced application filing is up to date with NCS.

Please Visit to view the updated lunch menu for September.

We are blessed to have this opportunity available and we thank God for His abundant gifts to us!


Martin Linder

NCS President