St.  Paul High School and Junior High

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Lunch menu:  Sub sandwich, cheese its, fresh vegetables, baked beans, fruit.  The menu for Wednesday will be:  Soft pretzel rods, cheese cup, celery, cookie. 


1.       LUNCH price this year is $3.20 for students.  There are no lunch options at this time.  Lunch price for staff members is $3.85. 

2.      PARKING PASSES are available in the office for $2.00 for those who need them.

3.      7TH GRADERS AND SENIORS please bring in your updated immunization records.

4.      GIRLS GOLF will need to be released at 2:55 today for a match.  The following will be released:  Brooke Bleile, Sammy Lippert, Anna Kaple, Amelia Rospert, Ava Caizzo, Hannah Wheeler, Alaina Takacs, Malia Duncan, Maci Hay and Zoey Hay.  This same group will be released at 1:45 on Wednesday.

  • 5. TO THE OFFICE:  Brooke Bleile, Tyler Baxter, Kaden Maxwell, Niko Cuturic, Luka Cuturic, Josalynn Vazquez.
  • 6. FRIDAY we will follow a “A DAY MASS SCHEDULE”.