Mr. Doughty collage

As we all know, this spring marks the end of Denny’s position here as president of Norwalk Catholic School.

He began as a student here, so he is an alumnus – and by that very fact he has offered our students that living example of what Catholic education is all about, giving back/service.

He became a teacher and coach here – he did more than tell students facts that they needed to know; he urged them on to do their personal best.

And then he has served us as a principal. There’s a sense, I think, in which he saved our school, back in the day that people said that our days were numbered and we were going to close. He had the vision to see our potential and lead us to it.

In his interview for President in which he expressed that same can-do confidence, Denny even offered to provide us with contact information to speak to his critics if we wanted to interview them.  I was amazed at his humility ~ he is a man of integrity; he was who he was, and he wasn’t hiding anything.

And now this current chapter of his career is coming to a close… Denny, you have left big shoes to fill.  We offer you our profound thanks for what you have done, and best wishes for what you will do, for we know that your life of service to the community and support of Catholic Education has not and will not diminish one bit even in retirement.....        Thank you, Denny!!

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