Students celebrate the final drawing of the PTO Calendar Fundraiser.

Winner of the PTO Calendar Raffle Bonus Drawing is MASON HEYDINGER and his family. Mason is currently in the 2nd grade at NCS. His family has chosen to take the $1,500 tuition credit as their prize!! Congratulations!

Here were all the monthly winners:

1. ,Melanie Langlahr

2. Lara Seljak

3. Diane Schaffer

4. Laura Knott

5. John and Jackie Overmyer

6. Paige McFadden

7. Robin Bleile

8. Lois Keldsen

9. Kelly Lippus

10. Brian Lonz

11. Jim Penner

12. Sonia Barker

13. Dawn Smith

14. Sherri Bourne

15. Kendall McFadden

16. Michelle Sandor

17. Denny and Sheila Camp

18. Hannah Burras

19. Silvia Martinez

20. Nichole Perani

21. Alicia Bogard

22. Lynette Ware

23. Lara Seljak

24. Elena Penner

25. Jill Mynarsky

26. Wally Klinski

27. Diane Schaffer

28 Jessica Bleile

29. Claire Cotten

30. Mike Gocsik

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Calendar Raffle Fundraiser such a huge success! Our grand total raised this year was $10,165!