Norwalk Catholic School


May 31, 2018


Menu: Bosco Sticks, Green Beans, Veggie Tray, Fruit and Milk

Option 2 – Available Every Day: Peanut Butter/ Jelly or Small Salad, Cheese Stick, Goldfish Crackers, Daily Fruit and Vegetable and Milk


Lunch Hour: Weather permitting - All Students will be outside today.


Happy Birthday to: Grace Kirk and Mrs. Kline tomorrow!!!


Corny Joke of the Day:What did the hamburger name his daughter? ..................Patty!


Today is the Feast of The Visitation of Mary: Visitation means "visit." The Archangel Gabriel told the Blessed Virgin Mary that her cousin Elizabeth was going to have a baby boy in her old age. Mary loved Elizabeth and knew she could use some help. So she set out at once on the journey. Mary too was expecting a baby, the baby Jesus. The trip into the hill country where Elizabeth lived was long, dangerous and uncomfortable. But that would not stop Mary and she rode there on a donkey, as that was the best way to travel in the hill country. Mary reached her cousin's house and greeted Elizabeth. At that moment, the Holy Spirit revealed to Elizabeth that Mary had become the mother of God our savior. Elizabeth asked joyfully, "How have I deserved that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?" Mary was not boastful or proud of this great honor, but remained humble and quickly gave all the credit to God. He had blessed her so richly. "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior," she said. "For he has regarded the lowliness of his handmaid, and holy is his name." What graces the Blessed Mother brought to the home of her cousin! St. John, while still hidden in his mother's womb, was cleansed of original sin. His father Zachary who had lost his voice, was able to speak again. St. Elizabeth was filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Mary stayed three months at her cousin's home. With great kindness and love, she helped Elizabeth.


Today is National Macaroon Day! It honors the Macaroon, a flourless cookie. It is popular among the Jewish community, especially during Passover, when they cannot cook with flour. But, the popularity of the Macaroon doesn't stop there. It is also enjoyed around the world. Macaroons are made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. Coconut and potato starch is common in Macaroon recipes. Celebrate National Macaroon Day by baking and eating macaroons.


Fun Fact of the Day: Macaroons were believed to have been first made in an Italian monastery in 1792. While monks are well known for their vows of silence, they just couldn't keep quiet about this tasty treat.

Have a Great Day!!